Title Date published Author
Will History Repeat Itself? Lessons for the Yuan January 2014 Benjamin J. Cohen
Expanding Beyond Borders: The Yen and the Yuan December 2013 Paola Subacchi
Modern Currency Wars: The United States versus Japan October 2013 Ronald McKinnon, Zhao Liu
Monetary Policy Frameworks in Asia: Experience, Lessons, and Issues September 2013 Peter J. Morgan
Long-term Issues for Fiscal Sustainability in Emerging Asia August 2013 Masahiro Kawai, Peter J. Morgan
Banking Crises and “Japanization”: Origins and Implications July 2013 Masahiro Kawai, Peter Morgan
How Low-Carbon Green Growth Can Reduce Inequalities May 2013 Venkatachalam Anbumozhi, Armin Bauer
Asymmetry in Government Bond Returns March 2013 Ippei Fuijwara, Lena Mareen Korber, Daisuke Nagakura
Risk-On/Risk-Off, Capital Flows, Leverage, and Safe Assets January 2013 Robert N. McCauley
Navigating a Changing World Economy: ASEAN, the People’s Republic of China, and India January 2013 Peter A. Petri, Fan Zhai
From a Centralized to a Decentralized Global Economic Architecture: An Overview January 2013 Pradumna B. Rana
The Persistence of Current Account Balances and its Determinants: The Implications for Global Rebalancing December 2012 Erica Clower, Hiro Ito
Financial Safety Nets in Asia: Genesis, Evolution, Adequacy, and Way Forward November 2012 Hal Hill, Jayant Menon
Regional Financial Arrangements and the International Monetary Fund November 2012 Barry Eichengreen
The People’s Republic of China and Global Imbalances from a View of Sectorial Reforms November 2012 Hiro Ito, Ulrich Volz
The Dodd-Frank Act and Basel III: Intentions, Unintended Consequences, and Lessons for Emerging Markets October 2012 Viral V. Acharya
Financial Globalization in Emerging Countries: Diversification vs. Offshoring October 2012 Francisco Ceballos, Tatiana Didier, Sergio L. Schmukler
How Should We Bank With Foreigners?—An Empirical Assessment of Lending Behavior of International Banks to Six East Asian Economies October 2012 Victor Pontines, Reza Y. Siregar
Sovereign Risk: A Macro-Financial Perspective October 2012 Udaibir S. Das, Maria A. Oliva, Takahiro Tsuda
New Measures of the Trilemma Hypothesis: Implications for Asia September 2012 Hiro Ito, Masahiro Kawai