Title Date published Author
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What is the Real Size of China's Economy? January 2007 Dianqing Xu, Christer Ljungwall
Does Capital Account Openness Lower Inflation? January 2007 Abhijit Sen Gupta
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Can Horticulture be a Success Story For India? January 2007 Surabhi Mittal
Brazilian Economy: Recent Evolution and New Perspectives for South-South Cooperation January 2007 Maria Lúcia L.M. Pádua Lima
Determinants of Interest Spread in Pakistan January 2007 Idrees Khawaja, Musleh-ud Din
India’s Rising Role in Asia January 2007 Mukul G. Asher
A Roadmap for East Asian Monetary Integration: The Necessary First Step January 2007 Kyung Tae Lee, Deok Ryong Yoon
Community-based Rights and IPR Regime: Revisiting the Debate January 2007 Srividhya Ragavan, Jamie Mayer
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Promoting Private Sector Development in Vietnam from the Effectiveness of Supporting Policies January 2006 Nguyen Dinh Tai
Business Competitiveness Environment In Bangladesh (2005) - Domestic Perceptions And Global Comparison January 2006 Debapriya Bhattacharya, Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Kazi Mahmudur Rahman, Syed Saifuddin Hossain
Sources and Pro-Poorness of Thailand's Economic Growth January 2006 Somchai Jitsuchon