Title Date published Author
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Disciplining Voluntary Environmental Standards At The WTO - An Indian Legal Viewpoint January 2006 Samir R. Gandhi
Are Currency Revaluations Contractionary in China? January 2006 Jianhuai Shi
China’s Socialist Market Economy - Lessons Of Success January 2006 Arvind Virmani
Structural Shift in Demand for Food - Projections for 2020 January 2006 Surabhi Mittal
Demographic Complementarities and Outsourcing: Implications and Challenges for India January 2006 Mukul G. Asher, Amarendu Nandy
Expectations, Animal Spirits, and Evolutionary Dynamics January 2006 Angelo Antoci, Massimiliano Landi
Campaign Tactics and Citizens’ Electoral Decisions January 2006 Massimiliano Landi, Chun Seng Yip
China’s Reform on Exchange Rate System and International Trade between Japan and China January 2006 Kentaro Iwatsubo, Shunji Karikomi
Through a Glass Darkly - Deciphering the Impact of Oil Price Shocks January 2006 Ashima Goyal, Arjun Singh
Japan and an Asian Economic Community January 2006 Masanori Kondo
Computing General Equilibrium Models with Occupational Choice and Financial Frictions January 2006 António Antunes, Tiago Cavalcanti , Anne Villamil
Effects of Technological Improvement in the ICT-Producing Sector on Business Activity January 2006 Hian Teck Hoon
The Macro-Economic and Sectoral Impacts of HIV and AIDS in India January 2006 Vijay P. Ojha, Basanta K. Pradhan
Technical Efficiency in Agricultural Production and Its Determinants: An Exploratory Study at the District Level January 2006 K. R. Shanmugam, Atheendar Venkataramani
Reliability of Structural Shocks Estimates from a Bivariate SVAR Model - The Case of Southeast Asian Countries January 2006 Arief Ramayandi
Incentives from Exchange Rate Regimes in an Institutional Context January 2006 Ashima Goyal