Title Date published Author
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Changing Paradigm of Indo-Japan Relations - Opportunities and Challenges January 2008 PG Rajamohan, Dil Bahadur Rahut, Jabin T Jacob
Policy Issues for the ASEAN Economic Community: the Rules of Origin January 2008 Erlinda M. Medalla, Josef T. Yap
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India-Africa Economic Partnership: Trends and Prospects January 2008 S. K. Mohanty, Sachin Chaturvedi
Feminization of Ageing and Long Term Care Financing in Singapore January 2008 Chia Ngee Choon, Shawna Lim Shi’en, Angelique Chan
South Asian Integration Prospects and Lessons from East Asia January 2008 Ramesh Chandra, Rajiv Kumar
Eurasian Economic Community (EurAsEC): Legal Aspects of Regional Trade Integration January 2008 Sherzod Shadikhodjaev
Deepening Intraregional Trade and Investment in South Asia - The Case of the Textiles and Clothing Industry January 2008 Meenu Tewari
The WTO’s Doha Negotiations: An Assessment January 2008 Bhagirath Lal Das
Transportation Cost and Trade Competitiveness: Empirical Evidence from India January 2008 Prabir De, Bhisma Rout
Global Public Goods January 2008 U. Sankar
Trade in Services and Investment Flows in South Asia January 2008 Rajesh Chadha, Geethanjali Nataraj
Competition Clauses in Bilateral Trade Treaties - Analysing the Issues in the Context of India’s Future Negotiating Strategy January 2008 Sanghamitra Sahu, Neha Gupta
Will New Trends in Foreign Direct Investment Change the Structure of Intra-industry Trade between China and Japan? January 2008 Tao Tao
Policy Dilemmas in India - The Impact of Changes in Agricultural Prices on Rural and Urban Poverty January 2008 Sandra Polaski, Manoj Panda, A. Ganesh-Kumar, Scott McDonald, Sherman Robinson
China and India - A Tale of Two Trade Integration Approaches January 2008 Przemyslaw Kowalski
Immunising future trade against protectionists: preventing the emergence of more sensitive sectors January 2008 Andrew Elek
Suggested Rules of Origin Regime for EAFTA January 2008 Erlinda M. Medalla, M. Supperamaniam