Title Date published Author
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Channelizing Afghanistan to Pakistan Informal Trade into Formal Channels June 2016 Adil Khan Miankhel
Pakistan's Potential Trade and 'Behind the Border' Constraints June 2016 Adil Khan Miankhel
Economic Growth in China and Its Potential Impact on Australia-China Bilateral Trade June 2016 Yu Sheng
Modelling the potential impacts of economic reform in a partnership between Australia and China June 2016 Paul Gretton
Assessing the competitiveness of the supply side response to China’s iron ore demand shock May 2015 Luke Hurst
A lesson in market contestability: calculating the cost of Chinese state intervention in iron ore price negotiations April 2015 Luke Hurst
Services Sector Development and Improving Production Network in ASEAN April 2015 Yose Rizal Damuri
The economic impact of the Australia-United States free trade agreement February 2015 Shiro Armstrong
Japan’s foreign economic policy strategies and economic performance October 2014 Peter Drysdale and Shiro Armstrong
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Policies to Enhance Trade Facilitation in South Asia and Southeast Asia July 2014 Anthony Bayley