Title Date published Author
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A Century of Rice Innovations January 2005 Saturnina C. Halos
Bilateral “WTO-Plus” Free Trade Agreements: The WTO Trade Policy Review of Singapore 2004 January 2005 S.M. Thangavelu, Toh Mun Heng
MNCs’ Ownership Advantage, Developing Countries, And New Regionalism January 2005 Zhao Jianglin
The Japan - Australia Partnership in the Era of the East Asian Community - Can they Advance Together? January 2005 Takashi Terada
Trade Liberalization under New Realities January 2005 Syed Zahid Ali, Sajid Anwar
A Dynamic Shift-Share Analysis of the Electronics Export Market 1988-2001: Can the NIEs Compete with China? January 2005 Peter Wilson, Ting Su Chern, Tu Su Ping, Edward Robinson
The Location Decisions of Foreign Logistics Firms in China: Does Transport Network Capacity Matter? January 2005 Anthony Chin, Hong Junjie
India-Central Asia Economic Relations: A Report of RIS/CII Seminar January 2005 RIS
Biosafety Protocol, International Trade and Agricultural Biotechnology: Policy Inferences for India January 2005 Sachin Chaturvedi, Lian Chawii
The WTO Negotiations on Industrial Tariffs: What is at Stake for Developing Countries? January 2005 Yilmaz Akyüz
Trade Policy at the Cross-Roads January 2005 Bill Carmichael
Prospects for Environmental Trade under the Regional Process in South Asia: Evidence from SAPTA and Proposals for SAFTA January 2005 S. K. Mohanty, Sachin Chaturvedi
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Trade Policy at the Cross-Roads January 2005 Bill Carmichael
Challenges in Health Services Trade: Philippine Case January 2005 Jovi C. Dacanay, Maria Cherry Lyn S. Rodolfo