Report on 2015 China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Survey Results: An Australian Perspective

Jingyi Li
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To better understand the current status as well as future prospects of Chinese ODI, CCPIT conducted an online survey in 2015 among its member companies. The survey comprised different sections for both current and potential investors, including questions regarding their ODI performances and intentions, destination choices and industry preferences. This paper will analyse the 309 responses that were collected from the CCPIT survey. It will start by describing the characteristics of survey samples in terms of company size, ownership structure and industry sector. Findings regarding the current ODI status will also be discussed, along with what member companies consider to be their ODI’s driving factors and obstacles. This paper will then look to the future, examining member companies’ intentions to invest overseas for the next three years as well as the most attractive sectors for investment as perceived by these companies. Finally, this paper will focus on investment issues that are specific to Australia.