Understanding China's Politics, Economic Policy Makers, and Policy Making Under Xi Jinping

Dong Dong Zhang
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This report discusses how political change under Xi Jinping has changed the shape of China’s policymaking system within which economic policy players operate. Economic policy is product of a policy making process, in which policy players seek to influence the economic developments to achieve social, economic and political objectives. Policy making is a key variable in determining policy outcomes and economic performance. Ultimately, policy making is shaped by politics, which sets out policy goals, and defines the rules and institutions within which policy is made. Policy players operating within this political environment determine how policies are formulated and implemented. As China’s economic importance grows globally, China’s economic policy making has attracted worldwide attention. International familiarity with China’s leaders and economic policy makers has grown over recent years as China’s international engagement has intensified. There has been growing reporting in domestic and international media of events relating to China’s policy making.