Title Date published Author
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Cost-effectiveness Analysis of CO2 Reduction in the Automobile Sector January 2010 Shigeru Suehiro, Ryoichi Komiyama, Yuji Matsuo, Yu Nagatomi, Yuji Morita, Zhongyuan Shen
Econometric Approach to Water Use Estimation in Power Plants January 2010 Perini Praveena Sri
Destabilization of the Crude Oil Market and Efforts Toward Price Stabilization January 2010 Yoshikazu Kobayashi
Natural Gas Situation and LNG Supply/Demand Trends in Asia-Pacific and Atlantic Markets January 2010 Yoshikazu Kobayashi
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The Electric Energy-Water Nexus: Managing the Seasonal Linkages of Fresh Water Use in Energy Sector for Sustainable Future January 2010 Perini Praveena Sri
U.S., European and South Korean Efforts to Raise Nuclear Power Plant Utility factors - What Japan Should Learn from These Efforts January 2010 Yu Nagatomi, Yuji Matsuo, Tomoko Murakami
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Dynamics of Urban Mobility: A Comparative analysis of megacities of India January 2010 B. Sudhakara Reddy, P. Balachandra