Chinese ODI



Name Date published Author
The story of Chinese direct investment in Australia (2014 – 2017) 06/10/2018 Susan Travis
The CHIIA Data in Comparative Perspective 06/10/2018 Susan Travis
Report on 2015 China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Survey Results: An Australian Perspective 09/03/2017 Jingyi Li
The Australia–China Commission: a Preliminary Proposal 16/08/2016 Peter Drysdale, ANU, and Zhang Xiaoqiang, CCIEE
Reconciling China’s official statistics on state ownership and control 20/05/2016 Paul Hubbard
Chinese ODI and the Need to Reform Australia’s Foreign Investment Regime 15/03/2016 Peter Drysdale, Shiro Armstrong, Neil Thomas
Suggestions to Improve Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Framework: Submission to the Inquiry by the Senate Economics References Committee 15/03/2016 Peter Drysdale, Shiro Armstrong, Neil Thomas
Chinese State Owned Enterprises: An Observer’s Guide 13/08/2015 Paul Hubbard, Patrick Williams
China’s Rising Outbound Investment: Trends and Issues 13/08/2015 Mei Wang, Jijing Zhang, Zhen Qi
China’s Sovereign Investment Funds in International Perspective: The Exceptionalism of CIC and SAFE 13/08/2015 Angela Cummine
Australia’s Foreign Investment Policy: A Historical Perspective 13/08/2015 Chris Pokarier
Australia’s Foreign Investment Approval Regime: A Practitioner’s Point of View 13/08/2015 Andrew Lumsden, Lizzie Knight
A strategic analysis of the Australian foreign investment regime and the prospect of reform 13/08/2015 Rebecca Mendelsohn, Alan Fels
A comparative study of mergers and acquisitions by privately-held and state-owned enterprises 13/08/2015 Michael V Gestrin
The impact of the Chinese iron ore overseas investment on the global market 30/07/2015 Luke Hurst
Australia’s Foreign Investment Regime and the Need For Reform 11/06/2015 East Asian Bureau of Economic Research
Chinese Lessons: State Owned Enterprises and the Regulation of Foreign Investment in Canada 20/11/2013 Yuen Pau Woo
China’s Regulatory Framework for Outward Foreign Direct Investment 20/11/2013 Karl P. Sauvant, Victor Zitian Chen
The Changing US-China Investment Relationship 20/11/2013 Daniel H. Rosen, Thilo Hanemann
China’s Direct Investment in the European Union: Challenges and Policy Responses 20/11/2013 Françoise Nicolas

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