Delivering Prosperity in the Indo-Pacific

The ongoing shift in global economic weight to the Indo-Pacific presents tremendous opportunities for the United States and Australia, along with risks and significant challenges. Both countries share a deep strategic interest in working together to keep Asian markets open, contestable, and rules-based. In doing so, Washington and Canberra can help maximise the prosperity and security of the American and Australian people, as well as those in the region. It is an opportunity too great to miss.

Delivering Prosperity in the Indo-Pacific: An Agenda for Australia and the United States was produced jointly by Gordon de Brouwer, Adam Triggs and Shiro Armstrong of the Australian National University and Matthew Goodman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC. The report outlines how Australia and the United States can cooperate to help realise and capture the benefits from growth prospects in the Indo-Pacific region, through bilateral work or in key forums like APEC and G20. It provides recommendations across five priority areas: infrastructure, investment facilitation, energy, the digital economy and financial systems. These policy recommendations will help address some of the structural causes of economic frictions, realise growth potential in ASEAN, China and India, and maximise opportunities for the United States and Australia.

The full report can be downloaded here.