Title Date published Author
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Investing in Real Estate: Mortgage Financing Practices and Optimal Holding Period January 2005 Winston T.H. Koh, Edward H.K. Ng
Structural Change in Japanese Business Fluctuations and Nikkei 225 Stock Index Futures Transactions January 2005 Toshiaki Watanabe, Hirokuni Uchiyama
Reverse Mortgages as Retirement Financing Instrument: An Option for “Asset-rich and Cash-poor” Singaporeans January 2005 Ngee-Choon Chia, Albert K C Tsui
An Empirical and Theoretical Study on the Wider Use of Local Currencies in the Asia-Pacific Region after the Asian Financial and Currency Crisis: An analysis focused on Thailand January 2005 Ichiro Inoue
Debt and Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies - Evidence from India January 2005 Jayati Sarkar, Subrata Sarkar
Fiscal Rules and Targets and Public Expenditure Management - Enthusiasm in the 1990s and its Aftermath January 2005 Hideaki Tanaka
Competitiveness, Income Distribution, and Growth in Thailand: What Does the Long-run Evidence Show? January 2005 Piriya Pholphirul
The Public Financial System in Japan - Re-verification of the ballooning theory and the privileged government enterprise theory January 2005 Nobuyoshi Yamori, Nobuyoshi Yamori
Exchange Rate Regimes and Monetary Independence in East Asia December 2002 Chang-Jin Kim, Jong-Wha Lee
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Currency Conversion in the Anti-dumping Agreement April 2000 Jong Bum Kim
THE CHANGING CLIMATE FOR FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT INTO JAPAN January 1999 Peter Drysdale, Toshi Naito, Ray Trewin, Dominic Wilson