Title Date published Author
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The Changes of Accounting Standards and Structural Reform in Japanese companies January 2006 Yasuhiro Asami
The Government and the Financial System: an Overview January 2006 Kazuhito Ikeo, Yasuo Goto
The Role of Mutual Funds and Non- Banking Financial Companies in Corporate Governance in Pakistan January 2006 Moeen Cheema, Sikander A. Shah
Underpriced Default Spread Exacerbates Market Crashes January 2006 Winston T.H. Koh, Roberto S. Mariano, Andrey Pavlovb, Sock Yong Phang, Augustine H. H. Tan, Susan M. Wachter
Volatility Spillover between the Stock Market and the Foreign Market in Pakistan January 2006 Abdul Qayyum, A. R. Kemal
The Social Cost of Public Funds: The Case of Japanese Progressive Income Taxation. August 2005 Shun-ichiro Bessho, Masayoshi Hayashi
Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Public Good Provision in China June 2005 Xin-Qiao Ping, Jie Bai
An Empirical and Theoretical Study on the Wider Use of Local Currencies in the Asia-Pacific Region after the Asian Financial and Currency Crisis: An analysis focused on Thailand January 2005 Ichiro Inoue
ASEAN Monetary Cooperation: Issues and Prospects January 2005 Arief Ramayandi
Comment on “Realized Variance and Market Microstructure Noise” by Peter R. Hansen and Asger Lunde January 2005 Peter C. B. Phillips, Jun Yu
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Competitiveness, Income Distribution, and Growth in Thailand: What Does the Long-run Evidence Show? January 2005 Piriya Pholphirul
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Diversification, Propping and Monitoring - Business Groups, Firm Performance and the Indian Economic Transition January 2005 Raja Kali, Jayati Sarkar
Do the technical indicators reward chartists? A study on the stock markets of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan January 2005 Wing-Keung Wong, Jun Du, Terence Tai-Leung Chong