Title Date published Author
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Sovereign Risk: A Macro-Financial Perspective October 2012 Udaibir S. Das, Maria A. Oliva, Takahiro Tsuda
The Emerging “Post-Doha” Agenda and the New Regionalism in the Asia-Pacific October 2012 Michael G. Plummer
The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank: Should Asia Have Both? October 2012 Vikram Nehru
Asia-Latin America Free Trade Agreements: An Instrument for Inter-Regional Liberalization and Integration? September 2012 Ganeshan Wignaraja, Dorothea Ramizo, Luca Burmeister
Managing Capital Flows in an Economic Community: The Case of ASEAN Capital Account Liberalization August 2012 Yung Chul Park, Shinji Takagi
Central Banking for Financial Stability in Asia August 2012 Masahiro Kawai, Peter J. Morgan
Institutions for Asian Integration: Innovation and Reform August 2012 Giovanni Capannelli, See Seng Tan
Coordinating Healthcare and Pension Policies: An Exploratory Study August 2012 Azad Singh Bali, Mukul G. Asher
Regional Monetary Cooperation in Latin America August 2012 José Antonio Ocampo, Daniel Titelman
The Group of Twenty: Input and Output Legitimacy, Reforms, and Agenda August 2012 Andrew F. Cooper
Europe’s Debt Crisis, Coordination Failure, and International Effects July 2012 Stefan Collignon
Climate Change Mitigation and Green Growth in Developing Asia July 2012 Stephen Howes, Paul Wyrwoll
ASEAN Integration in 2030: United States Perspectives July 2012 Pek Koon Heng
International Monetary Reform: A Critical Appraisal of Some Proposals June 2012 Yung Chul Park, Charles Wyplosz
Prevention and Resolution of Foreign Exchange Crises in East Asia June 2012 Chalongphob Sussangkarn
Engaging Small and Medium Enterprises in Production Networks: Firm-level Analysis of Five ASEAN Economies June 2012 Ganeshan Wignaraja
Growth of Asian Pension Assets: Implications for Financial and Capital Markets May 2012 Yuwei Hu
Narrowing the Gaps through Regional Cooperation Institutions and Governance Systems May 2012 Heinrich-Wilhelm Wyes, Michael Lewandowski
Developing Asia’s Pension Systems and Old-Age Income Support April 2012 Donghyun Park, Gemma B. Estrada