Name Date published Author
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Impact of US Quantitative Easing Policy on Emerging Asia November 2011
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Trilemma and Financial Stability Configurations in Asia November 2011
Prospects for Monetary Cooperation in East Asia October 2011
Is It Desirable for Asian Economies to Hold More Asian Assets in Their Foreign Exchange Reserves?—The People’s Republic of China’s Answer August 2011
The Political Economy of Reducing the United States Dollar’s Role as a Global Reserve Currency July 2011
Transpacific Imbalances and Macroeconomic Codependency July 2011
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Evaluating Asian Swap Arrangements July 2011
The Great Liquidity Freeze: What Does It Mean for International Banking? June 2011
The Global Financial Crisis: Decoupling of East Asia—Myth or Reality? June 2011
The Global Financial Crisis: Countercyclical Fiscal Policy Issues and Challenges in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore June 2011
Reevaluating the Roles of Large Public Surpluses and Sovereign Wealth Funds in Asia June 2011
Macroprudential Approach to Regulation—Scope and Issues June 2011
Towards an Expanded Role for Asian Currencies: Issues and Prospects May 2011