Name Date published Author
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The Persistence of Current Account Balances and its Determinants: The Implications for Global Rebalancing December 2012
From a Centralized to a Decentralized Global Economic Architecture: An Overview January 2013
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Risk-On/Risk-Off, Capital Flows, Leverage, and Safe Assets January 2013
Asymmetry in Government Bond Returns March 2013
How Low-Carbon Green Growth Can Reduce Inequalities May 2013
Banking Crises and “Japanization”: Origins and Implications July 2013
Long-term Issues for Fiscal Sustainability in Emerging Asia August 2013
Monetary Policy Frameworks in Asia: Experience, Lessons, and Issues September 2013
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Expanding Beyond Borders: The Yen and the Yuan December 2013
Will History Repeat Itself? Lessons for the Yuan January 2014
Issues for Renminbi Internationalization: An Overview January 2014