Name Date published Author
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The Political Economy of Reducing the United States Dollar’s Role as a Global Reserve Currency July 2011
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Trilemma and Financial Stability Configurations in Asia November 2011
The Impossible Trinity and Capital Flows in East Asia November 2011
Impact of US Quantitative Easing Policy on Emerging Asia November 2011
Management of Exchange Rate Regimes in Emerging Asia November 2011
Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Taipei,China’s Industrial Structure and Firm Activity November 2011
Governance Infrastructure and Location of Foreign Direct Investment in the People’s Republic of China November 2011
Macro-Prudential Approaches to Banking Regulation: Perspectives of Selected Asian Central Banks November 2011
The Development of Local Debt Markets in Asia: An Assessment November 2011
The Currency of the People’s Republic of China and Production Fragmentation November 2011
The United States and the PRC: Macroeconomic Imbalances and Economic Diplomacy December 2011
Global Imbalances in a World of Inflexible Real Exchange Rates and Capital Controls December 2011
Understanding the Pattern of Growth and Equity in the People’s Republic of China December 2011
Distribution, Domestic Politics, and Monetary Cooperation in East Asia December 2011
The Exchange Rate, Diversification, and Distribution in a Modified Ricardian Model with a Continuum of Goods December 2011
The International Regulatory Regime on Capital Flows December 2011
International Financial Integration and Crisis Intensity January 2012