A Hybrid Approach to Case Teaching

Swee-Liang Tan, Roy Ng Jin Hou
JEL codes: 
Paper No. 23-2007

We structure case based teaching using a combination of computer-support technology and in-class activities. We create and design an on-line learning tool, Case Study On-line (CSOL) that enables instructor to structure the delivery of teaching resources and set up assignment tasks in the system. The tool enables tasks to be set in a way that they can be completed sequentially, and learning resources can be accessed only when required by students. Upon submission of their assignments, students can promptly receive instructors explanations to the tasks. Follow up activities take place in class, with the objective to promote active learning. The tool was adopted over two semesters in an undergraduate economics course and surveys were conducted among the students to evaluate the effectiveness of the tool. The results of the survey were very positive, providing support to our belief that a system of well-designed case teaching delivery tool, together with classroom activities, is able to increase the level of students engagement and interest. The paper helps to address some concerns about teaching methods in undergraduate economics courses.