Advancing the ASEAN-India Partnership in the New Millennium

Ong Keng Yong
JEL codes: 
RIS-DP # 96/2005

India has an emerging web of cooperation with East Asian countries, especially ASEAN through the ASEAN-India dialogue process, the bilateral free trade agreements with Singapore and Thailand and sub-regional initiatives such as the Mekong-Ganga cooperation and the BIMST-EC. In this discussion paper the ASEAN Secretary-General focuses on the need to develop a partnership between ASEAN and India that has the dual objectives of addressing the challenges of globalisation and working closely to reap the opportunities of the same universal phenomena. There are enough opportunities and challenges to compel ASEAN and India to work closely in maintaining peace and stability, expanding economic linkages and improving the critical human capacities. The paper also presents ten points for Advancing ASEAN-India People-to-People Partnership.