Analysis of Applicable Liberalisation Models in China’s Electric Power Market

Chun Chun Ni
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The development of Chinas power industry has been remarkable by any standard in comparison to the power sectors in many other developing countries. Since the issuance
of the State Councils Provisional Regulation on Encouraging Fund-Raising for Power Construction in 1985, the power sector has successfully raised investment from both domestic and foreign sources. As a result, in less than two decades, the Chinese power industry has become the worlds second largest installed capacity and generation power producer after the United States. The electricity consumption per capita in 2001 was four times higher than it was in 1980. Electricity supply has also been expended nationwide into rural areas. Furthermore, the Chinese electricity industry is undertaking its milestone project, as know as West-to-East Power Transmission during the Tenth Five-year Plan (2001-2005).