Bangladesh Apparels Export to the US Market – An Examination of Her Competitiveness vis-à-vis China

Mustafizur Rahman, Asif Anwar
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Centre for Policy Dialogue Paper 62

The rise of China has major repercussions for a country such as Bangladesh which has emerged as an important player in the global apparels market. True, the global pie in apparels trade is expected to expand considerably in view of the increase in demand, and also on account of the envisaged closure of large number of apparels/textile unit in the developed countries (mostly lower-end apparels/textile segment which were likely to become a sunset sector) and there will be space for more than one player. Evidently, impact and implications of competition from China will have to be examined and scrutinized at country level and for disaggregated items of apparels (since the impact for particular countries will be felt only at the disaggregated product level).

It needs to be mentioned here that an earlier paper by the CPD has looked into the possible implications of Chinas rise in the context of the EU market. This particular paper will try to analyse the aforesaid issues as they relate to the US market.