China and South Asian Relations in a New Perspective

Ye Hailin
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The interactions between China and South Asia could date back to 3rd century BC, but before the mid of 20th century, the lasting 2000 years interactions and communications were confined to cultural and religion, rarely commence, their political connection only started after the British Subcontinent and China recovered independence in late of 1940sthe earlier history of relation between Subcontinent and Qing Dynasty and following Republic of China should be excluded, because it was mainly the part of history of relation between Great Britain and China, at least in Chinas perspective it is that.
What is the difference of China and South Asian relations in the different times? In order to promote this relationship, what are the main difficulties no matter had ever existed for long time or just appeared even not clearly emerged that China should overcome? How the relationship between China and India, the most important regional member and another Rising-up power in Asia will evolve? What they wish to get from the other and what they could give? What is Chinas policy to this region, including its intension and the capability and tactics to reach this intension? And what is the prospect of the relations between China and this region? This paper by taking up the above questions aims to examine and highlight China and South Asian relations in the new Century.