Corporate Governance Assessment on the Top 100 Chinese Listed Companies.

Lu Tong, Zhong Jiiyin, Kong Jie
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Corporate governance of listed companies has become a focus in China capital market. Corporate governance being the most important organization structure and control mechanism of modern enterprises is directly affected by its external environment and internal mechanism. In view of the external environment, legal system, market system, monitoring capability, socio-economic system, cultural environmental etc. will all affect the effectiveness of corporate governance from different aspects. The effectiveness of corporate governance is very much related to government governance or the even broader public governance. In view of a companys internal environment, corporate governance involves the balance amongst the board of directors, the management, shareholders and other stakeholders. The core objective is to solve the agency issues of the companys internal and external parties by appropriately arranged policies, so that management can endeavor for the maximization of profits for shareholders and stakeholders. Well corporate governance not only can provide effective monitoring, but can also encourage enterprises to create wealth for the society to the uttermost, and become a pattern for enterprise citizen.