Decomposition of Energy Consumption and Energy Intensity in Indian Manufacturing Industries

Binay Kumar Ray, B.Sudhakara Reddy
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Of the total final energy consumption in India, the industrial sector accounts for about 37
percent, of which the manufacturing sector consumes about 66 percent (2004-2005 figures)
with chemicals and petrochemicals, iron and steel, pulp and paper and cement industries
being the largest energy users. In the recent past, energy intensity in the manufacturing
sector has been decreasing. This decline is mainly due to fuel substitution away from coal in
some of the sectors, most notably cement. While industrial production in developed countries
stabilizes and declines, the industrial output in the developing world continues to expand
owing to rising populations and catching up on economic growth. This can result in higher
energy use energy provided primarily by the combustion of fossil fuels and thereby
higher carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions. Using the decomposition analysis we show that most
of the intensity reductions are driven purely by structural effect rather than energy intensity.