Health Sector Trends Data Based on Susenas 1995–2006

Silvia Devina, Wenefrida Widyanti, Fitri Huriyati
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ISBN 978-979-3872-62-9

This data on health sector trends is based on the Susenas dataset of 1995-2006, which was collected by
Statistics Indonesia (BPS). These tables cover all of the important indicators of health in Indonesia including morbidity, outpatient contact rates, immunization, choice of provider, contraceptive use, healthcare expenditures, and births assisted by skilled personnel, disaggregated by the main sources of household income, consumption
quintiles, regions, urban/rural areas, sex and age groups, and education levels.
We would like to express our gratitude to Menno Pradhan, Claudia Rokx, and Ioana Kruse from the World Bank, who initiated and facilitated this data analysis, and who provided guidance and suggestions. We would also like to thank Robert Sparrow for his technical help on dofile for the STATA program.