Higher Education in India – Seizing The Opportunity

Sanat Kaul
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Indian Council For Research On International Economic Relations WORKING PAPER NO. 179

India is well known for its large pool of technical manpower, a fair proportion of which finds employment in developed countries, especially in the West. As a happy sequel to the
story, India has recently witnessed a big boom in the BPO/KPO sector. In order to sustain this trend, and to ensure that India does not throw away this key advantage, it is imperative that we continue to produce a critical mass of highly skilled manpower at an accelerated pace. An enabling academic and economic setting is a key factor determining the fate of our nation in the wake of the knowledge sector boom. This paper reviews the prevailing policy environment in this context to evaluate its efficacy in ensuring that India remains
ahead of the curve in the knowledge sector which has been growing exponentially in recent years.