India-Central Asia Economic Relations: A Report of RIS/CII Seminar

JEL codes: 
RIS-DP # 94/2005

Considering that India and Central Asian countries have held historical economic linkages and their future path of joint economic progress needs to be studied in greater detail (see Annexure I for the background) Research and Information System for the Developing Countries (RIS), New Delhi and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), New Delhi launched a research programme on Economic Cooperation between Indian and Central Asia. As the first step towards meeting the objectives of the research programme RIS-CII Seminar on India and Central Asia Economic Relations was organized on October 17, 2003 in New Delhi.
The Seminar was divided into two working sessions viz. (i) Geo-Strategic Perspectives and Framework for Trade and Investments which dealt with strategic and economic potential, business environment and trade linkages and (ii) Trade and Investment: Focus on the Energy Sector (Seminar Agenda is enclosed as Annexure II). The Seminar was well-attended by industry representatives, policy makers and academia. The list of participants is given in Annexure VI.