India’s Rising Role in Asia

Mukul G. Asher
JEL codes: 
RIS-DP # 121

This paper analyses recent developments in Indias external economic relations, with particular reference to Asia. Indias demonstrated capacity to sustain moderately high growth over a prolonged period, primarily led by privatesector companies provides an avenue for global risk diversification for major economic powers. The paper demonstrates that Indias qualitative and quantitative integration with the rest of Asia (and the world) is far deeper than commonly perceived. India must continue with the integration process; and with efforts to shift to 8 to 10 per cent sustained growth path if it is to reduce poverty and
improve quality of life of its 1.1 billion people. There is no room for complacency as India faces severe challenges in sustaining and developing competitiveness in manufacturing, agriculture and services. Higher growth path will require enhancing complementarities and cooperation among public and private sectors; and taking advantage of Indias demographic trends. The paper strongly urges Indias political parties, media, and other elites to strategically and vigorously pursue countrys core economic and strategic interests to meet challenges arising from competing nations.