Jute Manufacturing Sector of Bangladesh Challenges, Opportunities and Policy Options

Khondaker Golam Moazzem, Md Tariqur Rahman, Abdus Sobhan
JEL codes: 
Centre for Policy Dialogue Paper 78

Major objectives of the present study are:
a) To understand the changes in structure and composition of jute manufacturing sector of Bangladesh and analyse economic, technological, managerial and labour related
issues of the jute manufacturing sector under different regimes.
b) To study economic, technological and worker related issues of jute mills currently inoperation, under the public and private sectors, in order to identify major factors
responsible for their efficiencies/ inefficiencies.
c) To identify opportunities and challenges that needs to be confronted by the jute manufacturing sector in the near future.
d) To extract appropriate policy suggestions with a view to develop a viable and efficient jute manufacturing sector.