Name Date published Author
Democracy and Trade Policy: the Role of Interest Groups January 2010
East Asian Financial and Monetary Cooperation and Its Prospect: Beyond the CMI January 2010
Understanding the Decline in Japan’s Saving Rate in the New Millennium January 2010
The Dynamic Impacts of M&A on Employment in Japan: Using Micro-data from the Financial Statements Statistics of Corporations by Industry January 2010
Inflation Targeting and Pass-through Rate in East Asian Economies January 2010
Monetary Autonomy in Select Asian Economies: Role of International Reserves January 2010
Political Economy of the Financial Crises in Japan & the United States: A Comparative Study on the Bailout of Financial Institutions January 2010
The Cultural Revolution, Stress and Cancer January 2010
Present and Projected Australian Coal Supply Capacity: Impacts of Global Recession and Expansion in Coal Exports to China January 2010
Analysis of Current Situation of Oil Distribution and Pricing Mechanisms in Asia January 2010
Healthcare Delivery and Stakeholder’s Satisfaction under Social Health Insurance Schemes in India: An Evaluation of Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) and Ex- servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) January 2010
Dynamics of Urban Mobility: A Comparative analysis of megacities of India January 2010
International Food Safety Standards and India’s Food Exports: An Analysis Based on Gravity Model Using Three-Dimensional Data January 2010
Financial Inclusion and Financial Stability: Current Policy Issues January 2010
EU-Asia Free Trade Areas? Economic and Policy Considerations January 2010
Universalizing Complete Access to Finance: Key Conceptual Issues January 2010
Financial Development: A Broader Perspective January 2010
How the iPhone Widens the United States Trade Deficit with the People’s Republic of China January 2010
PAFTAD_34_Agenda January 1970
PAFTAD_Young_Fellows_Seminar_Agenda_34 January 1970