Power Structure and Its Stability in North-East Asia

Yuzhu Wang
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Its my pleasure to share viewpoints on the peace of North-East Asia with you here. But first, I would like to say thanks to the organizer for arranging the talk for me. The peace of northeast Asia, in my opinion, is decided and will be decided by the stability of Sino-America relationship, this is the center of this issue, while cross Taiwan straits relationship and North Korea nuclear issue are the two emphases, which are high relevant to the Sino-America relation and need both sides to treat strategically.
As for the relationship between China and the United States, the most important aspect should be the rapid growth of Chinese economy since its opening-up and reform, which is labeled the rising of china. Its apparent that the high GDP growth rates have caused fear in Western world since middle of 1990s, and this should be the reason why china threat theory has been rampant since then before the real threat is coming.
But what I will say here today, maybe contrary to most of you here, is that even though the rising of china is leading to some kind of power restructure in Northeast Asia, the regional order still has the high opportunity to keep stability and the peace in this region still can be hoped in the near and middle future.