Strategic Approach to Strengthening the International Competitiveness in Knowledge Based Industries: Electronics Industry

K.J. Joseph
JEL codes: 
RIS-DP # 88/2005

It is generally understood that while the IT software and service sector in India recorded unprecedented growth rate in a sustained manner for more than a decade and established credibility in the international market, the hardware sector, both computer hardware and other electronics equipment and components, has shown a decelerating trend. At the same time, being a signatory to Information Technology Agreement of WTO, India is committed to reduce the tariff rates on a wide range of IT goods to zero level by 2005 leading to unprecedented import competition. Hence it is important that the industry equip itself to meet the import competition and enhance its export competitiveness. Against this background the present paper analyzed performance (both export and production) of electronics industry and comes out with the broad contours of a strategic approach towards promoting the international competitiveness of Indias electronics industry.