The Electric Energy-Water Nexus: Managing the Seasonal Linkages of Fresh Water Use in Energy Sector for Sustainable Future

Perini Praveena Sri
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Working Paper Series

The fast growing demand for fresh water-coupled with the need to protect the environment has made many areas of India and the rest of the World vulnerable to water shortages for various uses of the economy. As they interact with Electricity Industry, water availability is critical to power generation. With out access to adequate amounts of water for steam generation and cooling, power plants that rely on heat energy to generate electricity cannot operate. Seasonal anomalies in water systems and electricity production are inextricably linked. A change in one of these systems induces a change in the other. Therefore, there is an imperative need to better understand the interrelationship of Electric Energy- water for effective management of serious water related power generation issues. This paper gauges the effects of the some of overlaps and gaps between seasonal anomalies in water availability and growth of power generation in rainy, summer, winter and post monsoon season for power plants of different energy types (Both non-renewable and renewable sources)