The Hong Kong Declaration and Agriculture – Implications for Bangladesh

Uttam Kumar Deb, Narayan Chandra Das
JEL codes: 
Centre for Policy Dialogue Paper 60

This paper reviews the developments in WTO negotiation on agriculture in the light of the Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration. It has critically analysed the decisions and
negotiating proposals adopted through the Declaration. The paper has also analysed possible impacts of the adopted decisions and proposals for Bangladeshs agriculture sector and its economy. Potential impacts are measured in terms of reduction in tariff, domestic support and export subsidy. More importantly, the paper has quantified potential impacts of agricultural trade liberalisation under Doha Round negotiations on prices and welfare gains, production, consumption and trade of agricultural commodities in
Bangladesh. Based on the research findings, the paper has suggested some negotiating strategies for Bangladesh to be pursued in the on-going WTO negotiations on agriculture.