Geoeconomic Council Workshop in Tokyo

The Institute of Geoeconomics, a program activity of the International House of Japan (IHJ), is launching the “Asia Pacific Geoeconomic Council (APGC)” as a community of like-minded think tank professionals in Asia, with the shared vision of shaping a future that is free, open, and sustainable.

As a crucial step in the preparation for the official launch, a brainstorming meeting will be organized among prospective founding members of the APGC, coinciding with the vibrant cherry blossom season in Tokyo.

During the two-day session, participants will engage in discussions on economic security issues specific to each Asian country, fostering an environment of mutual learning and knowledge exchange. Additionally, several sessions will include the participation of Global Council Members of the IHJ.

The workshop provides an opportunity for experts in geoeconomics to collaborate and explore potential strategies to address the economic challenges and opportunities in the region. By fostering dialogue and sharing best practices, the participants aim to contribute to the development of sustainable and resilient economies in Asia.

Dates: Wednesday, March 29, 2023 to Thursday, March 30, 2023
Location: Tokyo, Japan