Roundtable on a Regional Approach to Comprehensive Security

The Asian Bureau of Economic Research (ABER) organised a roundtable discussion on ‘A Regional Approach to Comprehensive Security’ at the International House of Japan in Tokyo. Chaired by Peter Drysdale, the roundtable aimed to delve into the concept of comprehensive security in the Asian region. Shiro Armstrong played a leading role in facilitating the discussion, exploring strategies and avenues for pursuing comprehensive security in Asia.

The roundtable served as a significant follow-up to the ANU-RIETI symposium and sought to further enhance the Australia-Japan-ASEAN relationship. Participants engaged in in-depth conversations and exchanged perspectives on the complexities and challenges of comprehensive security in the region. By deepening the dialogue among key stakeholders, the roundtable aimed to foster greater understanding and cooperation among Australia, Japan, and ASEAN countries, contributing to the promotion of regional stability and security.

The event provided an important platform for esteemed experts and policymakers to come together, building on the outcomes and discussions from the preceding symposium. The discussions centred on forging stronger regional ties and addressing security concerns through a comprehensive approach.

Dates: Friday, February 17, 2023
Location: Tokyo, Japan