STS Summit

The STS Summit brought together approximately 300 industry leaders, government executives, international guests, and representatives from academia to exchange ideas and address shared challenges in cross-border trade. The summit featured discussions on various topics, including STS reform updates, economic dynamism, productivity enhancement, regulatory reform, digitalization, paperless trade, and international best practices.

The participants explored the opportunities to improve productivity and create new avenues for Australian businesses, recognizing the critical role of international trade in the Australian economy. The summit aimed to identify strategies to unlock significant savings for the government, businesses, and consumers through regulatory improvements.

By engaging in fruitful discussions and knowledge sharing, the attendees worked towards enhancing productivity, streamlining trade processes, and creating favourable conditions for Australian businesses to thrive in the global market. The event provided a valuable platform for industry leaders, government officials, and academic experts to collaborate, exchange insights, and promote international best practices in cross-border trade.

The STS Summit contributed to advancing the understanding of key issues related to cross-border trade, fostering partnerships, and shaping strategies to drive economic growth and maximise opportunities for Australian businesses in an increasingly interconnected global economy.

Dates: Monday, June 26, 2023
Location: Melbourne, Australia