Visiting Lao MPI delegation

In Canberra, Australia, the Mekong Foreign Investment and Critical Infrastructure Initiative, as part of the Mekong Australia Partnership announced in 2021, organised a study tour for a delegation of Lao investment officials from the Ministry of Planning and Investment. The purpose of the tour was to explore strategies and best practices for attracting high-quality investment.

Leading the delegation was Vice Minister Dr. Sthabandith Insisienmay, who holds a position equivalent to a departmental secretary in the Lao system. Accompanying Dr. Insisienmay were ten officials at the Director General and Deputy Director General levels.

The study tour aimed to enhance the understanding of Lao officials regarding effective approaches to attract investment that contributes to sustainable economic development. The delegation engaged with Australian counterparts, industry experts, and relevant stakeholders to exchange knowledge, discuss investment policies, and explore potential areas of collaboration.

By facilitating this exchange of ideas and experiences, the study tour aimed to support the Lao government’s efforts in promoting investment and critical infrastructure development that align with their development priorities. The initiative is part of the broader Mekong Australia Partnership, which seeks to strengthen cooperation and foster sustainable development in the Mekong region.

Dates: Thursday, March 23, 2023
Location: Canberra, Australia