China East Asia Energy Project

The China and East Asian Energy Project is a major on-going research project.

The core of the project is a joint research program, coordinated through EABER by Professor Peter Drysdale and the Energy Research Institute in China by Dr Jiang Kejun, bringing together influential policy researchers in East Asia and the Pacific.

The main outcome of the project is its influence on, and input into, China’s energy policy making processes in ways that are positive and helpful to the interests of Australia, China and the region. The project, and the strategically placed personnel who are involved in it, offer the opportunity and capacities to do this in a way that is not available through first track or commercial diplomacy.

Through the personal interaction inherent in a major research project of this kind, the project continues to develop the bilateral and regional relationships between Australian, Chinese, East Asian and other Northeast Asian research institutions.

An important objective of the project is increased understanding of the issues amongst leaders in the government, industry and research communities in China and Australia. The project is supported financially by the Crawford School; Chinese Energy Research Institute; the Japan Institute of Energy Economics; and the Korea Energy Economics Institute.

The primary contact for the project is Dominic Meagher.

Key outcomes of the project so far include two conferences and three publications. The first conference was held in Beijing in October 2005. Papers presented at the Beijing conference were published in the first volume of the series. A second conference was held in Canberra in September 2006. Papers presented at this conference were published in two separate volumes. All three volumes are available below.

The most recent conference was held in Beijing in November 2008. Papers presented at that conference will be made into a new volume to be released early in 2009.