EAF articles

  • Can a shrinking country grow?

    Date: 13th October 2013

    Author: Hugh Patrick, Columbia University
    By 2012, after two decades of mediocre economic performance and ineffective government policy, a widespread sense of resignation and malaise prevailed in Japan. Since the early 1990s, Japan’s GDP growth rate averaged less than 1 per cent, below potential; labour markets weakened; and prospects seemed bleak.

  • Australia as a Southern Hemisphere ‘Soft Power’

    Date: 2nd September 2013

    Author: Benjamin Reilly, Murdoch University
    Kevin Rudd’s travel schedule since resuming office as Australia’s prime minister— with trips to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea — confirms a largely unnoticed shift in Australia’s international profile.

  • A new G20 strategy for development cooperation

    Date: 17th July 2013

    Author: Andrew Elek, ANU
    In late 2008 the policy failures of Western economies created a global problem which they could not fix by themselves.

    The G7 was forced to bring other emerging economies to the table to help deal with the global financial crisis. The new grouping — the G20 — was able to agree quickly on policies that limited the potential damage of the crisis.

  • Can Australian leadership measure up globally?

    Date: 1st July 2013

    Author: Peter Drysdale, Editor, East Asia Forum
    The past week has seen the climax of an Australian domestic political drama that has played out over the past three and a half years. Right at the end of the parliamentary term heading into a national election, Kevin Rudd dramatically wrested back the prime ministership from Julia Gillard.