Name Date published Author
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The Role of Offshore Financial Centers in the Process of Renminbi Internationalization April 2014
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Global Implications of the Renminbi’s Ascendance March 2014
Rising Inequality in Asia and Policy Implications February 2014
How Far Can Renminbi Internationalization Go? February 2014
Regional Financial Regulation in Asia February 2014
Emerging Economies’ Supply Shocks and Japan’s Price Deflation: International Transmissions in a Three-Country DSGE Model February 2014
Regional Settlement Infrastructure and Currency Internationalization: The Case of Asia and the Renminbi February 2014
Determinants of the Trilemma Policy Combination January 2014
The People’s Republic of China’s Growth, Stability, and Use of International Reserves January 2014
Issues for Renminbi Internationalization: An Overview January 2014
Will History Repeat Itself? Lessons for the Yuan January 2014
Expanding Beyond Borders: The Yen and the Yuan December 2013
Modern Currency Wars: The United States versus Japan October 2013
Monetary Policy Frameworks in Asia: Experience, Lessons, and Issues September 2013
Long-term Issues for Fiscal Sustainability in Emerging Asia August 2013
Banking Crises and “Japanization”: Origins and Implications July 2013
How Low-Carbon Green Growth Can Reduce Inequalities May 2013