Name Date published Author
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Trade in Value Added: An East Asian Perspective December 2013
Expanding Beyond Borders: The Yen and the Yuan December 2013
Constructing and Multilateralizing the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership: An Asian Perspective December 2013
Financial Crisis as a Catalyst of Legal Reforms: The Case of Asia November 2013
Mapping Crisis-Era Protectionism in the Asia and Pacific Region November 2013
The Future of the World Trade Organization November 2013
Supply Chains and Credit-Market Shocks: Some Implications for Emerging Markets November 2013
Chinese Interests in the Global Investment Regime November 2013
A New Context for Managing Overseas Direct Investment by Chinese State Owned Enterprises November 2013
Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board and the Regulation of Chinese Investment November 2013
Toward a Multilateral Framework for Identifying National Security Threats Posed by Foreign Acquisitions: With Special Reference to Chinese Acquisitions in the United States, Canada, and Australia November 2013
China’s Direct Investment in the European Union: Challenges and Policy Responses November 2013
The Changing US-China Investment Relationship November 2013
China’s Regulatory Framework for Outward Foreign Direct Investment November 2013
Chinese Lessons: State Owned Enterprises and the Regulation of Foreign Investment in Canada November 2013
Regional Trade Agreements and Enterprises in Southeast Asia October 2013
The ASEAN Economic Community: Progress, Challenges, and Prospects October 2013
Plurilateral Agreements: A Viable Alternative to the World Trade Organization? October 2013
Special Study on Sustainable Fisheries Management and International Trade in the Southeast Asia and Pacific Region October 2013